A message from the President on World TB Day 2013 | TB team meets the President of India on World TB Day (24 March 2013 | Scoop.it

The President of India issued a statement on World TB Day 2013, calling for all stakeholders to come together to combat the disease and ensure zero TB deaths. A small delegation had met with the President prior to World TB Day 2013 to brief him about the TB scenario in the country and request him to send a message to the people on this occasion.


Dr Nalini Krishnan (second from left) was part of the delegation, where she represented civil society as part of the Global Fund Round 9 Project Axshya and a member of the Partnership for TB Care and Control, India. She spoke with the President about the progress and challenges around TB in India from the civil society perspective from her experience in these two roles. The President was also presented with copies of the Project Axshya Activity Report and copies of “Partner Speak,” the Partnership’s newsletter.


Other delegates provided updates on various aspects of the RNTCP. They included Dr Ashok Kumar (Deputy Director General, Central TB Division), Dr Jagdish Prasad (Director General of Health Services), Dr Rohit Sarin (Director, LRS Institute), Dr Soumya Swaminathan (Director, National Institute for Research on Tuberculosis), and Dr V.M. Katoch (Secretary, Department of Health Research and Director-General, ICMR).


Dr Krishnan has also been recognized as a TB Champion 2013 for her unwavering efforts in advocating on issues around TB care and control with politicians, policy makers, and the media (through the non-profit organisation REACH). Going forward as TB Champion, she now sees an opportunity and seeks to empower TB patients by connecting them with politicians through patient forums.


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