Mon stand de Tantsu sera present au VeganFest. Le plus grand salon vegan d'Europe! Il se dérouleras en Italy du 27 avril au 1 mai 2012. | Tantsu |

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Je serais presente tout les cinq jours pour partager les bienfait du Tantsu. 

Un cadre merveilleux dans la nature dans le palais "Palazzo Mediceo" en Versilia.

Une présence souhaité de 30.000 persone!!


I will be there for 5 days to share Tantsu.

In a wonderful environment in Tuscany.

30.000 persons are expected!!


The event will take place in the superb Palazzo Medico di Seravezza (Lucca), in Versilia, from the 27th of April to the 1st of May 2012, and it will represent the meeting place of the most important animal welfare and humanitarian organisations from all across the world, the best organic products, the main eco-friendly and well-being companies and all the people sensitive to a cruelty free ethics and style of life.
VeganFest 2012 can be spotted to be:
-an actual cross-cultural meeting disclosed to ever vegan eco-friendly world stakeholder
-a marvellous exhibition open to every company from the ethic scenary of eco-technologies, publishing, food and taste, biocosmetics and health, clothing, forniture and well-being.
-a meeting point for several artists (musicians, actors, performers, chefs) who have chosen a vegan style of life.
-a greatly interesting event, with FREE ENTRY
Besides several food courts, there will be an exclusive VEGAN RESTAURANT, directed by the pluri-award-winner Italian Chef Chicco Coria and the famous Vegan recipe author Renata Balducci, who will both contribute to offer sophisticated vegan gourmet specialities, made with seasonal organic products.
VeganFest 2012 will therefore be a special five day occasion to share the aspects of a Vegan Culture and to introduce to it to whoever shows any interest or curiosity to know more about this world and philosophy of life.
VeganFest will count:
A wide range of famous Vegan brands products in the main exhibition as well as in many sales points
A big stage with concerts of all kinds going on all day
A theatre with interesting performances
Two conference rooms with displays, book presentations and publishing ventures
A special structure made up to host Vegan cooking workshops
A special Raw Vegan Area, where sample servings, conferences and presentations will take place
The exclusive restaurant “Nobili Scorpacciate Vegan” deeply dedicated to Italian Vegan haute cuisine
Several food courts with traditional dishes, sandwiches, crèpes, milkshakes, ice-creams, pizzas, spaghetti and many other special courses
A special area set up to welcome Vegan mothers, with special workshops, playgrounds and nursery
Conferences on healthy diet with the collaboration of doctors and specialists
A Human right Space, with the contribution of all the main international humanitarian organizations
A free dogBAR with Vegan food and fresh water to welcome four-footed friends
Art exhibitions dedicated to human and animal rights
Barefoot area
Museo del Lavoro e delle Arti Popolari of Versilia
A Yoga area to know more about the variety of oriental disciplines
Animal-free circus performances
Finally, do not forget to visit Seravezza, which will be the European Vegan Capital for five days.
Vegan movement is growing!
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