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Big Data for Talent Acquisition

Big Data for Talent Acquisition | Talent | Scoop.it

When I took the helm as VP of global talent acquisition I was surprised to learn that the data within the talent acquisition function was not up to the standards the Company lives by.

Via Luca Naso
Luca Naso's curator insight, November 27, 2013 4:42 PM

This is an interesting story about a successful Big Data project in recruiting.
Here are the 6 main steps of the plan:
1. Go to the Source (to get the data)
2. Get Help (to get a good plan)
3. Get Centralized (to increase efficiency)
4. Take Ownership (to retain competitive advantage)
5. Set Standards (otherwise all efforts will be useless)
6. Embrace Social (because social is where people put their data)

BOUTELOUP Jean-Paul's curator insight, November 28, 2013 6:11 AM

A l'heure ou l'acquisition des talents est un enjeu majeur dess entreprises, ou Adecco publie le #GTCIndex des pays les plus attractitfs pour les talents, le BigData peut-il être une aide ?

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Recruiting Process Diagram for Apple Keynote

Recruiting Process Diagram for Apple Keynote | Talent | Scoop.it
Use this editable 3-slide deck for picturing your recruitment process, among other uses in presentations

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The Global Shift in HR and Talent Acquisition

Mark Finn interviews Michael Beygelman at the HRO Today Forum "The role of the Chief HR Officer is being elevated out of necessity because of the economic en...
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