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"What matters most is the impact of the leader's actions on others—not just the actions themselves or the rationale behind them." 

In the recent book,  Leadership Sustainability, (Pub. March 2013), authors Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood have defined seven leadership practices that instill sustainability:

Simplicity. Focus on what matters most. Tells stories with impact...

Time. Employees see what leaders do more than listen to what they say...

Accountability. Take personal responsibility for doing what you say you will do and hold others accountable as well. 

Resources. Get coaching and institutional support to become a better leader. 

Tracking. Measure what's important and not what's easy. Tie to consequences. 

Melioration. Master the principles of learning: to experiment frequently, to reflect always, to become resilient, to face failure, to not be calloused to success, and to improvise continually. 

Emotion. "Leaders who are emotionally vulnerable and transparent will be more likely to sustain change."

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