Three Reasons Performance Management will Change in 2014 & Beyond | Talent and Performance Development |

Key Change for High Performance? => An agile, social and mobile work environment."


Activity lists are being replaced by composite dashboards, lengthy reports by simple performance heat maps – yes, pictures, literally replacing thousands of words.


A shift in focus from process to outcomes. Burn the forms.


Key Change for High Performance?

A shift in focus from process to outcomes. Burn the forms. With technology finally up to the task of producing meaningful information, managers can turn their attention to driving performance outcomes rather than being bogged down in laborious processes.


  • You will set dynamic goals and adjust them in response to change;
  • your manager will provide just-in-time coaching wherever you are;
  • skills and knowledge you need will be recommended and streamed to you;
  • your performance journal will continuously capture and cluster feedback, ideas and suggestions from your peers and customers;
  • your formal annual performance review will be permanently deleted from your calendar…and
  • you will finally be in a position to manage your own career.


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