Top Challenges Facing Organizations over the Next Decade - SHRM perspective | Talent and Performance Development |

Is there REALLY a talent shortage?

Yes...a very controversial topic...some say we do, others wonder how we could have a shortage with such high unemployment.

....About the same number of qualified candidates apply for the job... mixed in with 20 applications or 200 applications....with only 1 or 2 of them fully qualifying.

Top trends?

According to the SHRM survey. With 483 HR executives reporting, here are what they say (just a few of the results)...

________________________ the employee, the supervisor IS the organization...


1.  Retaining and rewarding the best employees
... they show up, very excited to begin their new endeavor, disappointed to find that the pay raises are inadequate, employee morale is low, gossip is high, integrity is questionable, workload is greater than expected, and overall a work environment that is not employee-friendly.

... It may not be an organizational may be isolated to the supervisor. the employee, the supervisor IS the organization...and if that is what they experience, that is what they will use as the basis to find new employment and to tell other people about their experience with your organization.

2.  Developing the next generation of corporate leaders
...We often wait to train employees until they are in the management position...which sets us behind as the new employees typically don't have the tools they need to be successful from the start.

....By providing a development plan a couple years out, we can train up and coming managers the right way. ...more than simply creating a succession matrix... identify individuals who can fill those future roles.

3.  Creating a corporate culture that attracts the best employees to the organization

4.  Remaining competitive in the talent marketplace

___________________ is EASIER to develop current talent than to find new talent. 


5.  Finding employees with the increasingly specialized skills we need
...a steady decline in STEM students (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and STEM related positions. We are also lacking in other skills that typically set us apart in the United States...such as problem solving, leadership, decision making, competitiveness, etc. is EASIER to develop current talent than to find new talent. This goes back to ...finding the core talent that already exists in the organization and developing it further for additional roles.