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DevOps and TestOps?  If you are curious or if the jargon rings a bell, here's one of the newest trends in data and measurement, relating to Performance Management on the tech side of the topic.


DevOps has attracted a lot of attention, and boasts plenty of successes already. TestOps is even newer and less well-understood--but is on course to bring its own advantages.

 in my own career, I’ve battled against silos that also isolate such other domains as Training and Support. Sometimes there are good reasons....certainly there are few organizations which put them on the same level during planning.

A tiny but growing number, though, are exploring “TestOps”, which, at its most aggressive, claims that “[t]esters are uniquely qualified to lead the way to a more nimble enterprise.

TestOps remains so small that there is no Wikipedia entry [yet.]  [And yet]...it’s a common term of art within Microsoft and a few other large industry players.

...If you’re in any field with objective success criteria, though, and especially if the cloud is the basis for at least part of your infrastructure, it’s time for you to explore how to make the most of TestOps principles.

Photo source:  What is DevOps?

Via Riaz Khan