Taking small Business turn it into Big Business
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You're Dead... If You Don't Integrate Social Media & PR Into Your Local SEO Strategy

You're Dead... If You Don't Integrate Social Media & PR Into Your Local SEO Strategy | Taking small Business turn it into Big Business | Scoop.it
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Via Bonnie Burns
Chris Robinson's insight:

Well the easiest way to put it, your undoubtedly preparing to do the one in a million.  That's hard enough, then you get the wheels in motion come to find out you need to oil your bearings oh, did I mention you didn't have any when you purchased second hand.  Needing this for that that for that.

Thus everyone else made money while you spend and gain non I want to end this Afro everyone not a select few marketability wise.


Stephanie Smetana's curator insight, July 9, 2013 4:15 PM

I scooped this article from Bonnie Burns, and I loved the way she commented, "It’s an SEO + Social Media + PR win." This is so true of the PR and social media world. It's all about gaining trust and getting your brand out there, while still reaching for the top places in a Google search.


Another important aspect of this article to note, is Trond Lyngbo's comment that you should not just include social media into your SEO strategy, you must also integrate all these things together: SEO, social media and public relations. If you intelligently integrate all of these, the impact is multiplied; to compete, companies must evolve and integrate.

Linda Allen's curator insight, July 17, 2013 1:19 PM

I still have a pulse..

Scooped by Chris Robinson

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Chris Robinson's insight:

Working Together the saying  "Two Heads"  Nevermind Who Runs this who ihandles that.  In the end strong group of individuals or Larger Independent record companies get them together, working to make good music and that breakthrough not so crazy which makes artists and sLes go else where.

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