Healthy holiday trend drives wellness tourism to become a $715bn industry by 2017 | tai chi |

AUSTRALIAN hoteliers and tourism operators are the latest group set to cash in on our increasing preoccupation with health through the growing popularity of so-called wellness tourism.

According to a new Global Wellness Tourism Economy report compiled on behalf of the Global Health and Wellness Summit, this tourism trend is now worth $US438.6 billion ($462 billion) a year and is set to swell to $715.6 billion by 2017 - a 9 per cent rise each year.

This is nearly 50 per cent faster than the corresponding growth in the conventional tourism market, and Asia is expected to form the "epicentre" of the new wellness tourism market into the future.


Wellness tourism is a burgeoning tourism category largely visible through the popularity of options like health spas and relaxation retreats.However, it also takes into account people who travel solely with the purpose of tending to their health and the many more for who it is an important consideration when selecting a destination or accommodation.

Via Tourism Australia