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Developing Leaders Using the Power of Collaborative Communities
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Your Leadership Brand- Do people want to to buy what your selling?

Your Leadership Brand- Do people want to to buy what your selling? | Tag Leadership Development | Scoop.it
TagLeaders develop, clarify and share their Passions, Principles and Purpose with the community around them.

As the economy continues its fitful recovery, more and more people are realizing that their future lies in entrepreneurship. Neither government, schools, professional status or union job can promise you the job security and satisfaction of running your own successful business.

According to Florida-based career coach Jay Block, “whether you work for yourself or are still fortunate to be employed, you must not only begin to think and act like an entrepreneur, you must master value-based entrepreneurial skill sets.”

Here are Block’s eight principles for branding yourself as an entrepreneur:

1) Always go the extra mile. Do more than what is expected of you, in everything you do.
2) Contribute to new business development efforts. If you are not in sales, you must think
of how you can help increase sales and new business.
3) Do NOT major in minor things. Prioritize and invest your time and energy doing those few things that will make the most difference.
4)Give more than you receive. Produce more than you are paid.
5) Increase your value every day. Invest 30 to 60 minutes a day in reading books, magazines, or online articles that will increase your value. Or as Block says, “Don’t go to bed as stupid as you woke up.”
6) Smile. Use optimism to motivate and empower others.
7) Take responsibility.
8)Embrace collaboration. Leadership is empowering others and valuing differences.

I would add one more: Actively look for new ways to add value. Entrepreneurship is about solving people’s problems in new, more efficient or effective ways. Once you start looking around, you’ll be surprised how many opportunities you see to make things better, faster.
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Scooped by Kyle Morgan

The Fourth Dimension Leadership Style

The Fourth Dimension Leadership Style | Tag Leadership Development | Scoop.it
In the 1930s, Kurt Lewin developed a leadership framework based on a leader's decision-making behavior. Lewin argued that there are three types of leaders:

1) Autocratic leaders make decisions without consulting their teams. This is considered appropriate when decisions genuinely need to be taken quickly, when there's no need for input, and when team agreement isn't necessary for a successful outcome.
2) Democratic leaders allow the team to provide input before making a decision, although the degree of input can vary from leader to leader. This type of style is important when team agreement matters, but it can be quite difficult to manage when there are lots of different perspectives and ideas.
3) Laissez-faire leaders don't interfere; they allow people within the team to make many of the decisions. This works well when the team is highly capable and motivated, and when it doesn't need close monitoring or supervision. However, this style can arise because the leader is lazy or distracted, and, here, this approach can fail.

Don't forget the Fourth Dimension Leadership Style: Community Leadership

TagLeaders know that within the trust of Community Collaboration, Leading is most often done side by side, arm in arm. Not always out in front...
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