"The Government response to the Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce final report sets out the reforms needed to focus training on job outcomes, transform skills investment, renew TAFE Queensland and strengthen trade skill pathways in order to revamp and modernise Queensland's vocational education and training sector." http://training.qld.gov.au/industry/skills-training-taskforce/gov-response.html


Released today, the Qld Government's Response to the recommendations outlined in the Qld Skills and Training Taskforce Review will pave the way for VET reform in Queensland over the next five years, with significant changes to impact on the sector. 


The response supports/supports in principle the 40 recommendations made by the taskforce, including among other recommendations significant to the sector, that all VET funding in Queensland move to a fully contestable model by June 2014. The response supports significant changes which will impact the public provider (TAFE Queensland) in its transition to a competitive marketplace, and identifies a "five-year VET action plan" to be released in early 2013. 


The response provides significant attention to community service obligations in continuity of delivery of vocational education and training to rural and remote areas of Qld.