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Twerking: Degrading Or Liberating?

Twerking: Degrading Or Liberating? | Twerking |
Twerking has taken the world by storm with confused teenage girls trying to shed off their Disney image and ratchet rappers giving away college scholarships to the best 'twerker'. The word has even...

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Morgan Swann's curator insight, December 3, 2013 2:23 PM

I am very happy I stumbled upon this article because it brings up two or more important points I touched on earlier in the semester. 


1. Is twerking degrading or liberating?


Twerking is seen as not respectable and tasteless but one has to ask the question: Who exactly defines what is respectable and what isn’t?"

What a great question. In conversation, I hear a little bit of both; it's gross, it's unattractive, it's stupid or it's fun, who cares, and I've tried it. 

Here's another important idea I touched on earlier.

2. Who created this dance?

"Twerking stems from booty dancing and booting dancing originated from Africa and spread through the African diaspora, from a dance called the Mapouka in the Ivory Coast to the Soukous in the Congo, across to dancehall dances in Jamaica."

With that being said, we see that twerking has been around for quite a while. We also see that it is culturally rooted, it is an "integral part of African culture." 


So should it get some respect? The author brings up another interesting point. 


"... booty dancing has been an integral part of African culture yet when black women decide to shake their God-given booties they are called out as hyper-sexualised and lascivious.Booty dancing doesn’t fit the white patriarchal constructs of decency and respectability that we’ve been forced to accept and so, when a black woman decides to shake her bum, she makes the society we live in uncomfortable and is described as depraved and crude. Yet when Disney’s Hannah Montana decided to twerk she was praised for her efforts no matter how ridiculous she looked doing it."

Miley gets street cred for twerking and appropriating this dance, meanwhile, people culturally and historically connected to the dance and criticized. 



Rescooped by Chester Pham from News Daily About TV Balla!

Miley Cyrus, twerking and a culture gone mad - Sexy Balla

Miley Cyrus, twerking and a culture gone mad - Sexy Balla | Twerking |

Miley Cyrus’ outrageous “twerking” at the MTV music awards didn’t represent the first time an entertainer exhibited raunchy behavior in public.

From The Detroit News:

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