Stopping child abuse | Child Abuse in America |

1. Ways we can help stop child abuse.

2. - Recently, there have been a lot of cases involving those close to children on a daily basis. (Teachers, health-care professionals, day-care employees,etc.)

- Some states require all suspected or known child abusers to be reported.

- Sen. Casey introduced a bill that states federal funding will be withheld from a state if that state does not introduce a law requiring all suspicions to be reported.

 3. The author thinks that the NCA should be used as a model of how to handle the situation, such as using "Children's advocacy centers."

4. The approach used by the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) should be considered a model.

5. The article is most appealing to the conscience, however the author provides facts and sensibility as well, so I would agree with their opinion.

6. I learned that they are very passionate about helping children of abuse.

7. No prior knowlegde of the subject is required. I believe this article would appeal to anyone.

8. The author offers a well thought-out plan of how to better help this problem.


Assignment B

2. The author mostly uses pathos by saying "a Los Angeles teacher has been stopped from allegedly sexually exploiting students."