Global Existential Risks & Radical Futures (June 14 conference) - | Synthetic Biology: Key Field of the Future |
Apocalypse? or Transcendence?

Utopia? or Dystopia?

Is Human Destiny an Immortal Paradise? or Miserable Extinction via a Bang, or a Whimper?

Will Tomorrow Bring: Pandemic Diseases? Killer Asteroids & Comets? Famine? Nuclear Annihilation? Water Scarcity? Poisonous Arctic Methane Gas? Volcanic Eruptions? UnFriendly Artificial Intelligence? Run-Amok Nanotech Grey Goo? Unending War? Dysgenic Idiocracy? or Will the Future be Miraculously Wonderful? Via The Singularity? Global Neuroweb? DIY Activist Decentralization? Elevated BioIntelligence? Elimination…