Will Smart Technologies Shape Future Highways? | Digital Sustainability | Scoop.it

With the proliferation of mobile electronic technologies, interactive displays have begun to appear more frequently in fixed contexts such as smart rooms and media-driven building facades.

The latest focus of smart surface research is on the most connective element of the constructed environment: the road.


At the recent Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Studio Roosegaarde announced a joint effort with Heijmans Infrastructure to create the Smart Highway. This proposal for an electronically-enhanced road system fuses disparate elements of existing road infrastructure. Lighting, signage, and the roadbed are now a singular, integrated system.

The Digital Interactive Roadway designed by BIG for the Audi Urban Future exhibition in 2011 proposes a similar roadbed enhancement. The surface of the DIR incorporates strips of LED lights and a distributed network of sensors that respond directly to changing automotive and pedestrian traffic.


Visit the link to learn more about these forward-thinking projects and the potential for innovative digital technologies to shape roads and infrastructure...

Via Lauren Moss