Will Mumbai's Tallest Skyscraper Be Its Greenest Too? | sustainablity | Scoop.it

The proposed 116-story Imperial Tower will offer a slew of sustainable options.

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture‘s latest proposal for Mumbai’s tallest building—the slender 116-story, 400-meter residential Imperial Tower is designed to "confuse the wind."

This simply means that the extremely tall and thin tower will stand up to the forces of wind. Enhanced by sky gardens, designed to "dampen" wind eddying about the tower, the futuristic pencil-like structure will stand strong against a sudden gale. That should make residents of the two upper floors feel safe and secure as they gaze out to their commanding views of the Arabian Sea.

AS+GG also designed the skyscraper to minimize its effects on climate change. Environmentally friendly features include rainwater harvesting, gray water recycling, and exterior cladding to limit solar heat gain...

Via Lauren Moss