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Bullying at the workplace: Statistics on bullying - Human resources News on Violence in the Workplace


"...between 35 and 50 percent of workers have been bullied or otherwise abused in their workplaces at some point during their careers." Duffy told us.


"And for those of you in HR, you might be very interested to learn of the frequency statistics that were reported in a very recent study – 31 percent of human resources personnel had been bullied and over half of that bullied group believed it was because of their role in human resources and their associated responsibilities."



As if the personal implications weren’t enough, there is also a financial aspect to this situation.


"In the United States, the actual cost . . . $250 million annually in expenditures related to health care, litigation, staff turnover, and retraining from workplace bullying and mobbing." Duffy explained.


This figure may be low given a lot of these types of costs are not always attributed to bullying when in fact they could be.

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