Hong Kong MTR: A Sustainable Model for Mass Transit | Sustainable Futures | Scoop.it

Hong Kong Mass Transit Rail (MTR) is one of the most efficient, safe, reliable and affordable systems in the world. Its extensive network carries over 4 million passengers per day, connecting Hong Kong Island to Kowloon and the New Territories.

The MTR is unique in another way, too: it is a profitable transit system. Despite the ridership, this profit is not driven by passenger tickets or ads but by its strategy of integrating railway infrastructure with urban development. The MTRC is also a real estate developer and benefits on both ends of this strategy: more riders = more shoppers = higher rent = growing network = more riders.  

Lessons can be learned from Hong Kong's MTR, however it seems that economic growth, high real estate prices and urban density are part of the equation...

Via Lauren Moss