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What Is Your Character And Is It Helping Or Hurting You As A Leader?

What Is Your Character And Is It Helping Or Hurting You As A Leader? | Sustainable education |
What you don't know about your own character may be exactly what's hurting you and your organization.

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Richard Dillard, PMP, SSBB, ABD 7.1's curator insight, May 18, 2015 10:20 AM

We've all heard the axiom "Character Counts!" Here's more evidence to support it. According to this study, there are "...four character habits that are universally valued across all human societies, and those are integrity, responsibility, compassion and forgiveness;" and other-focused leaders exhibit them to far greater levels than "self-focused" leaders. No surprises here. As Iv'e written elsewhere (#ready4realleadership), "excellence pursued simply because it can be done, for and with others, characterizes outstanding personal and organizational leadership performance....but only if the passion for excellence is tamed by virtues that place others squarely in and with the pursuit in an appropriate way." 

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Childrenspeaceprize > Winners > 2013

Childrenspeaceprize > Winners > 2013 | Sustainable education |
The International Children's Peace Prize
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Malala's story

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