Massachusetts’ First Zero-Net-Energy Transportation Hub... | sustainable architecture |

Last month, Charles Rose Architects completed a highly innovative zero-net-energy building- a 24,000 square-foot transit center and government office, built with federal stimulus funds, the first of its type in Massachusetts and the region.

Also designated as a future train depot on the Connecticut River corridor, the John W. Olver Transit Center in Greenfield is designed to generate through renewable sources all the energy that it uses—meaning its net-energy consumption over the course of a year will be zero.

The transit center, which had a construction budget of $12.8 million at the time Gov. Patrick broke ground for the project in April 2009, came in at $10.4 million. The building will produce the energy it uses in a sustainable way: through solar and geothermal sources, and a boiler on site fueled by wood pellets, a lumber-industry byproduct...