In Seattle, a new office building strives for Living Building status | sustainable architecture |

By late next year, Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood will be home to a new 6-story building that strives to be the world's greenest commercial building.

The new structure will hold the offices of the environmentally-focused Bullitt Foundation, as well as other tenants who share Bullitt’s  philosophy. The Bullitt Center was designed to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge, and if it passes a self-sufficiency test after its first year, it will receive Living Building Status.

The criteria for a “living building” are determined by the Seattle-based International Living Future Institute. ILFI’s standards are considered to be the world’s hardest to meet. So far, only three buildings have been fully certified, though about 100 other projects are in the works.

The building’s design aims to have net-zero emissions, meaning the building was designed to produce just as much energy as it uses. The building also must supply and treat it’s own water, using a 50,000-gallon underground stormwater cistern.