the Convent de Sant Francesc, Spain + Historic Preservation | sustainable architecture |

The intervention in the church of the convent of Sant Francesc, located in the Catalan town of Santpedor, converted the building into a cultural facility, allowing the building to be put to use as an auditorium and multipurpose cultural space. In the future, a third stage will allow the upper floors of the chapels to be used as a historical archive.

The renovation of the building has been developed with the goal of differentiating the new elements constructed (using contemporary construction systems and languages) from the original elements of this historical church.

With the aim of preserving all aspects of the building’s past, the intervention has not hidden traces, wounds or scars. Thus, they have remained visible depressions, holes where the altarpieces once were, traces of missing elements.

The construction and the building methods used have sought to strengthen the church without deleting the signs of deterioration the building has suffered. The intervention has sought to preserve the building’s historic legacy by adding new valuesthat enhance it and give this ancient convent a unique, contemporary form...