sustainable architecture
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sustainable architecture
design strategies + innovative technologies that promote a sustainable built environment
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Casa Swift by WMR Arquitectos, Chile

Casa Swift by WMR Arquitectos, Chile | sustainable architecture |

Casa Swift is located on the windy coast of Chile, overlooking the world-famous windsurfing haven of Matanzas. 

The house is built entirely from different kinds of timber - an abundant traditional material in this area. For both the exteriors and interiors, the architects combined different tinted woods and contrasted them with white surfaces and darker materials.
Successfully dealing with strong winds, built to a relatively small budget, and made of locally-sourced materials, Casa Swift is a house that is set amidst this typical Chilean coastal landscape, while making the most of its setting in relation to the Matanzas bay.

More images at the link.

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Scooped by Lauren Moss!

The World Green Center in Chile Aims To Reshape the Capital’s Cityscape

The World Green Center in Chile Aims To Reshape the Capital’s Cityscape | sustainable architecture |

The World Green Center in Chile aims to maximize the amount of public spaces through sustainable design.

The LEED-pending project in Chile has a sprawling green roof designed by Santiago-based cCe Arquitectos. More than 72% of the ground surface is utilized as green space and the completely landscaped roof is covered with shaded terraces and gardens that reduce the heat island effect. Passive design is incorporated within the façade, which reduces solar radiation and minimizes the energy used for air conditioning.

A VRV climate control system is designed to save up to 40% of the total energy compared to traditional office buildings in Santiago. Focusing specifically on the worker activity, the architects made sure each part of the work day is improved through a connection to nature – from a meeting room to an outdoors lunch break.

Read more and find additional photos at the article link.

Immotopic's curator insight, July 26, 2013 2:50 AM

Future is green ;-)

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Totally Green : Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Totally Green :  Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile | sustainable architecture |
Totally Green : Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile...

Montaña Mágica Lodge, also known as Magic Mountain Lodge, is located within Huilo Huilo, a 232 square mile natural reserve in southern Chile. Covered in rainforest moss and vines, this manmade volcano-like structure spews water and is only accessible by a monkey bridge. Montana Magica Lodge was constructed with a surprising architecture, noble materials and a delicate taken care of the nature. With beautiful rooms, excellent gastronomy, bar and a customized service for each visitor, you will be able to enjoy the propitious atmosphere for the rest of the body and soul. ..

Jourdan Sumithio's curator insight, August 13, 2014 2:37 AM

This magical Hotel looking great and beyond imagine, also located in unique area, which is surrounded by nature. With a unique architecture, the maintenance must be taken care seriously as well to keep it clean and good looking acommodation for tourists. Because there are some important factors that keep tourists coming, such a cleanliness, facilities, and comfortable. Customers satisfied is the main point to keep the business run. By promising different tourist experience here could make them see some good point of this hotel such a cozy acommodation with great view could lead to a great reputation in the future as well. Good management and service all the time are needed as a good commitment for tourists too.

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Caterpillar House: Contemporay Prefab Construction in Santiago, Chile

Caterpillar  House: Contemporay Prefab Construction in Santiago, Chile | sustainable architecture |

This prefabricated house for an art collector and his family was built in the outskirts of Santiago in a new suburban residential area. In order to reduce construction time and costs, second hand shipping containers were used as follow: Five 40 “standard containers, Six 20“ standard containers and one 40“ open top container for the swimming pool.

The main purposes of the house were two: the first one was to integrate it to the territory of this part of the city where the presence of the Andes Mountain is extremely strong both visually and tectonically. The second one was to allow the external air to run smoothly and easily through the all house and its different parts In order to avoid mechanical cooling.

Mpi Guy's comment, September 6, 2013 9:43 AM
Cudos for inventive design!
Joy Das's curator insight, August 6, 2015 3:34 PM
Cement Masonry Program at Tri-C :

Joy Das's curator insight, August 7, 2015 1:29 PM
CALL 6 Identified Constructional problems at Closed I-65 Extension :

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Hotel Elqui Domos, Chile: Sitting lightly within the desert landscape

Hotel Elqui Domos, Chile: Sitting lightly within the desert landscape | sustainable architecture |

Bordering the Atacama Desert in Chile’s Andes Mountains, Valle de Elqui boasts an abundance of natural assets including a stable, hot climate favorable for wine growing and postcard-clear skies, coupled with high natural magnetism for some of the best star gazing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Resting in the heart of the valley, Hotel Elqui Domos provides a unique eco-tourism accommodation experience through its spatial composition and relationship to place. The original complex was designed by architects Rodrigo Duque Motta as a series of seven geodesic dome tents.

Recently, the hotel has added four wooden cabanas, each intended as a private observatory and space for introspection. Perching very lightly on the landscape, the cabins negotiate the views of the valley and mountain from opposing sides. Their stilt-like foundations are sympathetic to the surrounding vegetation and topographical variations in the land, and the upper roof decks accentuate their privileged position within the site’s geography...

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