SIP Panel House: modular, innovative + sustainable | sustainable architecture |
Using Structural Insulated Panels as a modular unit, this house is the result of extensive research by two young architects into prefabrication of low-cost housing and self-customisation.


The SIP Panel House from  Having decided to create a constructive system from components already available in the construction market, Alejandro Soffia & Gabriel Rudolphy took the Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) catalogue and studied its simple topology to define minimum spatial modules, which when multiplied and related could be used to build structures.

The house is conceived as an attempt to rationalise the construction material and achieve maximum optimisation of its structural and dimensional qualities. The totality of the house was configured with two kinds of components: wall panels and split-level panels. In just 10 days, 71 wall panels and 40 split-level panels were built with a negligible loss of material...