Building Dormitories With Local, Recycled Timber and Renewable Bamboo in Thailand | sustainable architecture |

In the Thai town of Mae Sot, the CDC School (Children Development Center) hosts over 500 students and offers accommodation and education for refugees from the conflict in neighboring Myanmar.

The lack of space and the need for immediate accommodation has forced the School to present a new model of temporary low-cost dormitories that is easy to assemble and can be built by using as many recycled materials as possible.

Mae Tao Clinic commissioned Thailand-based architecture firm a.gor.a architects to design temporary dormitories and classroom buildings.

The first of four dormitories was built within four weeks, and meets the modus vivendi by fitting into the local environment in which it is located. The interior layout ensures an open and airy space that offers semi-privacy and includes storage space for the students. The building materials used are locally available and well known to their users, thus allowing for easy maintenance and resulting in low maintenance costs.

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