Show of Hands - Youths Learn the Art of Building at CTEC | sustainable architecture |

CTEC’s 4,000-square-foot barnlike structure includes a 1,000-square-foot mezzanine. 

Sawtooth skylights flood the rectangular interior with natural light and give the building a jagged profile; a cantilevering balcony juts out toward the stream. A metal stud frame allows for a modular system of reclaimed wood panels, measuring approximately a classic 4 feet by 4 feet. The wood—donated from a range of outside jobs—creates a variety of textures and color. The process of preparing the panels was like an old-school handwriting exercise, in that repetition gave way to interpretation, with the students’ handiwork giving the project an unexpected quilt-like quality. Back inside, deconstructed redwood pickle barrels serve as tables and sit atop block endgrain flooring that the students made of fir.