Ecology and Planning Museum by Steven Holl in Tianjin, China's New Eco-City | sustainable architecture |

Steven Holl Architects has been commissioned to design the Ecology and Planning Museum in Tianjin,China – the new Eco-City is planned the to be the home to population of 500,000 when completed in 2020. 60,000 square meters in total, the museum structure will be the first in the cultural district.

Marking the entrance to the Planning Museum, shared public plaza gathers the visitors around the large model of the eco-city and a temporary display area, further directed to the exquisite space experience of great interiors and program sequences. The top storey facilitates the green architecture, landscape and water resources exhibits and the access to the vegetative rooftop, offering panoramic views to the future city.

Interconnected by underground service zone area and further connected to the central business district of Eco-City by a high speed tram, this museum development represents the initial space experience of the cultural district of this “poster-city for state-of-the-art sustainable aspects”, rising from the Bohai Bay...