Drill Baby! Is the US Turning Against Green Energy? | Social Media, Communications and Creativity | Scoop.it
Gas prices continue to rise. Everywhere around the world people are feeling that smoldering hole in their pocket continue to get hotter and hotter.

With other traditional sources of energy becoming depleted as well, opinions on where to find fuel have been shifting considerably.
Renewable energy has been losing some support. I mean, when you really think about it; who really wants to try and restore a natural balance to the Earth and stop stripping it of all its precious, natural resources? So lame (we’re being totally facetious by the way).
But, some people are thinking this way.
There has been a -18% change in support of developing alternative sources of energy like; wind, solar, and hydrogen. There has also been a 35% change in favor of expanding exploration and production of oil, coal, and natural gas. Even in the devastating wake of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant last year, support for nuclear power is on the rise as well...

Via Lauren Moss