French Pavilion Expo Milano 2015 by XTU Architects | sustain world |

The theme of the upcoming Expo Milano 2015 is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" and will cover the issues of nutrition, limited resources and water access to the world's exponentially growing population. Paris-based XTU Architects conceived of a fertile roof structure which represents the productive soils found in France for their national pavilion. Known for its rich genetic heritage and high quality gastronomy, France's geology can lead to a food revolution as a future resource. 

The temporary construct for Milan's 6-month-long exposition will act as both a generator and market place for food. Along the edifice, plants, herbs and vegetables will grow, addressing the need for growing sites to support the Western cultures food demands as it spreads to a global stage. A consumption terrace will be found within the productive structure to enjoy the vegetables on site. Innovative hydroponics will supply the crops with water.

Via Lauren Moss