The Complete Guide to Global Social Media Marketing | Surviving Social Chaos |

Social media is a great way to connect with your audience and have a two-way conversation. But it can be easy to forget that not everyone who finds your social media pages will speak your language, or be able to relate to your region’s latest trends.


Creating a global social media strategy early on will prepare you for all of these challenges, and will keep you from overextending your resources.


Download HubSpot's guide which will help you create a social media strategy that caters to your audience, whether in a specific country or across multiple nations. This free 71-page guide includes the following chapters:


Chapter 1 : How to Create a Global Social Media Strategy

Chapter 2 : How to Organize Your Assets and Channels

Chapter 3 : How to Set Up Global Targeting on Facebook

Chapter 4 : How to Set Up Global Targeting on LinkedIn

Chapter 5 : How to Set Up Global Targeting on Twitter

Chapter 6 : How to Develop a Content Strategy for Social Media