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Content's Many Audiences
When you create content you need to think about who will be its eventual consumer. Do you know who and why your content will be consumed by? Not ever and not nearly.

What you do know is you need some content for search engine spiders, the only one guaranteed to read every word on your pages (lol). You also need short attention span and mobile theater. Think of a smart phone as a game console and you wouldn't be too far wrong.

Finally you need content that springs legs and walks around the world. My advice is to NOT plan for consumption as much as general content characteristics. Search engines love LONG form content. Users love graphics and short attention span theater.

Mobile users want instant gratification and to easily file for later. Rich snippets work great on mobile, will leave search engines wondering what the heck you are up to and may or may not go viral.

Do you need all three kinds of content: long form, rich snippets and games for mobile and viral content? Sure, and DO make sure you create all three, but don't limit where you publish.

Always test everything everywhere. If you have a rich snippet go viral then write a blog post and create some more weight for SEO and to promote viral. If you have long form go viral cut it up and tweet it.

Don't get MARRIED to the idea that X content goes into Y channel. Be flexible, test everything and COPE (Create Once and Publish Everywhere).

Via Martin (Marty) Smith