Do You Share Too Much on Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Surviving Social Chaos |
This infographic examines whether social media users actually share more than is necessary -- or safe -- online.


***** These debates about social around security seem disingenuous. This idea that we are somehow more vulnerable because we tweet doesn’t make sense. Bad things happened before there was social media; so social networks don't create crime. Can criminals use them like they've used ever other technology (cars, guns, hammers)? Of course the answer is yes, but social doesn't create a criminal context as many anti-social critics imply.


Read Tipping Point or Freakonomics or just think and act critically. Does sharing information a priori create crime? No, sharing context is another brick in a criminal dam that would have used other technologies in the past. Does easy access to these new tools increase crime? I think not even as I recognize it may change types of crime committed (more digital attacks than muggings).


What we know beyond any question is some small group will use whatever technology is available for harm. I don't think social sharing increases that set by even a small amount even as I know new technology may arm them differently. Does that mean I should tweet when I'm leaving the house and where my spare key is? Probably not but more because those are boring tweets than that they put me in some immediate danger.




Via Informatics, Martin (Marty) Smith, John van den Brink