Warning: Good Grades May Harm Student Health | Supporting Children's Literacy | Scoop.it
by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D. This article makes the case that good grades matter far less in school than developing internal strengths like critical thinking, compassion, and curiosity.


Even for children who naturally perform well on academic tests, a good grade is only one measurement of success.


===> A few things that school testing cannot measure include: <===


- Open-Mindedness

- Effort

- Social & Emotional Intelligence

- Critical Thinking

- Initiative

- Creativity

- Collaboration

- Curiosity

- Respect

- Kindness

- Capacity to love

- Honesty

- Compassion


Internal strengths, like those listed above, are far more important to a life of success and well-being than whether a child earns an “A” on an Algebra exam or are accepted to a top-rated university. In fact, many tests only measure a student’s ability to produce a correctly memorized answer.

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