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eatthis (RT @EatThisNotThat: Lunchables Nachos w/ Cheese Dip & Juice has the calories of 6 Applegate Farms Beef Hot Dogs

1.  That SuperMarkets mislead people to eat fatty foods.

2.  That the supermarkets advertize thigs in order to tempt you yo buy their products and this can be beasten.

3.  They think that supermarkets are activley trying to make us buy bad products.

4.  I think the author does not state it but it is obvious through what they say.

6.  They are a concerned shopper looking out for other consumers.

7.  To average everyday people who want to lose weight.

8.  The author does not give any actual evidence to the fact but they do talk about how consumers see it and convinced me.

B2.  The author is a concerned person and it shows in their writing. They give mostly oppinions but the oppinions are ones that most people agree with. They also appeal to the need to be fit wich is very important in culture now days.