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NewsdayEditorial: Giants abound in Giant victoryNewsday...

1. The basic subject for this column is the Giants win over the New England Patriots in the Superbowl on February 5th, 2012.

2. Some information the writer gives is the fact that Steve Weatherford was a former New York Jet, Chase Backburn caught a pass from Tom Brady,  and also that the Giants won over the Patriots.

3. In my opinion I think that the writer believes that the Giants are a very good team that is very talented with players that have done a lot of good things.

4. I think that the writer stated his opinion without actually saying "The giants are the best". The writer put things in the writing like "the championship was brought home by a thundering horde of giant Giants, all of them cleverly disguised as mere mortals." To me this sounds like a writer who likes the Giants or maybe just dislikes the Patriots more.

6. From this column I learned that the writer watches football and understands the game. I also learned that he thinks very highly of a couple players but Eli being that best.

7. This article was defiantly written for Giants fans because this has nothing more from the game but information on how well the Giants did and how good some of their players are.

8. I think that the author of this column offers a very substantial amount of information to make you want to believe that the Giants deserved to win the game.  He gave great details about some of the great plays and players that it would be hard to not want to believe this column.


2. In this article the author used more of the pathos, and logos of the rhetorical strategies. Logo wise the author put in formation that supports his idea that the Giants are very good. He didn't put in anything about some of the bad plays the happened in the game just the good factrs. On the pathos the author based on the facts added different phrases that will give different readers different emotions.For instance he put "By now it's obvious that Eli Manning is a giant as well as a Giant," this shows us that the Giants won but the emotion side is the Giant fans will take this a good thing, while a Patriots fan could take this as not being humble about there win and get upset by the comment. Either way the author did a good job contributing both pathos and logos this editorial.