BloombergEditorial: Team Indy success relied on Super Bowl volunteersDaily JournalBy Daily Journal Editorial In less than 48 hours, central Indiana can let out a collective sigh of relief and say, “We did it.” The Super Bowl in Indianapolis will be..

1. The basic topic of the column is the Super Bowl.

2.  This is going to go down in Indianapolis history

     By the time Monday rolled around, the super bowl would be over and began a cleanup of the 10 day party

     The game is only one small part of the event

3. The event would be nothing without the people behind the scenes to make it happen.

4. yes, the author says "but the accomplishments could not have been possible without the dedicated volunnteers.

6. the columnist is very opinionated and stands behind their opinion

7. The column was written for the typeof person who is interested in learning what goes on behind the scenes.

8. I dont believe the author leaves enough evidence to support his opinion. He states it and then he says that we should be thankful but never says what they do and how much the really put into the event.

1. This article is about the super bowl and that we should not only watch the game, but also be appreciative of the people that make it happen behind the scenes. They prepare the event and spend time cleaning it all up when the event is over and the winner is announced. This article was written for the audience who is not only wanting to know about the game but also about the preparation and the things they go through to make the whole event happen. The articles specific purpose is to let the people know that we also need to thank and appreciate the people who make everything run smoothly and keep everything going. The author of the column is very thankful for the people behind the scenes and wants everyone else to be the same.