Sunset Homes Ltd
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Sunset Homes Ltd

Sunset Homes Ltd | Sunset Homes Ltd |
















Sunset Homes
2136 33 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T 1Z6
(403) 607-6166 


Sunset Homes is a Canadian home builder based in Calgary. They specialise in semi- detached, attached and single homes. They are an easy, cost effective inner city builder able to bring to life the dreams of people looking for something special in the inner city.


Sunset Homes began in 2009 in Fort McMurray. After moving to Calgary they remarketed and rebranded the company. Now they are a high-end inner city home-builder. In addition to being an experienced home-builder, Sunset provide access to a website for all of their clients to be able to view all of the details of their project. Features include everything from selections, scheduling, project financing as well as everything that the client needs. They also have a phone application for people to access the same service if they don’t have web access. This allows people to review the details of their project at any time.


Customer service is one of the main focuses at Sunset Homes. They want to make sure that al of their clients have their dream home experience. Sunset Homes are involved in all aspects of a building project from the very start to the finish. They work very closely with a team of realtors in order to find the proper location for the client’s new home. It will take 2-3 weeks to finalise all the designs for the new home. All permits and regulation requirements are included in their service. Sunset belong to Progressive Home Warranty which will cover the client every step of the way.

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