Exclusive: Hands on FujiFilm X-E1 & X-F1 | Hassan Kiyany | sunil r shenoy | Scoop.it

Finally I’m here to share with you my very limited hands on FujiFilms latest product
X-E1 & X-F1 which was provide to me by FujiFilm Middle East office. I need to thank them over this post for continues support provided to me and other local photographers. X-E1 is simply X-Pro specification without Hybrid Viewfinder and little look of X100. Of course interchangeable lens! The first thing you realize is the weight and size is dramatically decreased just to feel even more comfortable within your hand. Price has been dropped too to make better choice for most people who want to purchase camera in coming holidays. Honestly after weeks of using X-Pro1, I felt X-E1 even too light! It definitely gives advantage to make it more portable. The Viewfinder resolution increased much better than X-Pro1 which was necessary to improve since hybrid view finder is gone! The speed of auto zooming was quiet in same range with X-Pro1 with latest firmware if not a bit faster. I have mostly shot in auto focus mode compare to x-pro which was mostly shot in manual mode. As prototype device i felt of little shutter lag sometime but not major one. The low light is slightly better than x-pro. Specially in High ISO mode. But in most scenarios almost same as x-pro1. As I said at the beginning it’s just x-pro in different body! ....


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