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SQLstream Celebrates Partnerships With Google Cloud And Amazon AWS For Streaming Analytics Technology

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Scooped by Emily Jones!

New Handmade Leather Clothing Range Launched This Autumn and that’s only the beginning

New Handmade Leather Clothing Range Launched This Autumn and that’s only the beginning | sumocoupon |

International: It has been announced today that globally recognisable brand Barney & Taylor plan to launch a brand new line of handmade leather jackets to the general public in the Autumn this year. After such incredible success since they first started trading in 1911, this company has gained the respect and admiration of every customer ever to deal with them. The products manufactured by B&T aren’t just to keep you warm or dry for a few months; indeed, many people keep them for a lifetime, as they’re so incredibly durable and well made.


First conceived in Manchester, this firm was the brainchild of Barnett Rosemarine (Barney to his friends), and with the help of his wife Ellie Taylor, things went from strength to strength very quickly. This is unsurprising really, as Manchester is renowned for its rainy weather and dreary climate, so good quality leather has always been in high demand. Also, back in those days, this area was actually quite poor, and so any clothing guaranteed to last for years and years was always welcomed warmly. In 1937, the name “Taylor” was added to the brand as a thank to Ellie for playing such an integral role in the success achieved.


Since then, Barney & Taylor have sold leather jackets to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and even some celebrities have shown an interest from time to time. This is mainly because many buyers see the items available as a good investment, rather than just another jacket. The premium hide used means the items are far more durable than you might imagine. While they will obviously deteriorate a little over the course of 60 years, many people find they’re still in good enough shape to wear, even after such a long period of time. Indeed, some of the earliest products sell at auction for a pretty penny.


So, if you’d like to find out more about Barney & Taylor, or you want to get in touch with them to check out the new range, you can do so by visiting their new website (link at the top), or by using the contact information included below this paragraph. You never know, perhaps this might be the perfect investment to make this year!



For All Media Info Contact:


or write to:


12 Stocks Street,


M8 8QG,



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Perpetual Fostering Top Fostering Agency Appeal For New Carers have you got what it takes to look after a child in need?

Perpetual Fostering Top Fostering Agency Appeal For New Carers have you got what it takes to look after a child in need? | sumocoupon |

United Kingdom - A leading UK based fostering agency has today announced they’re on the lookout for even more suitable candidates to help out with kids in need this year. There are many reasons why people might want to foster children. Perhaps they understand what it’s like to be without parents, or maybe they can’t have little ones of their own. Either way, becoming a foster parent can make a serious difference in a child’s life, and so anyone who feels they have the skills and qualities needed are being asked to get in touch with Perpetual Fostering as soon as possible to start the application process. Even so, this is obviously not something that should be taken lightly.


This is an independent agency that runs under the umbrella of the Perpetual Care group, and since 1996, they’ve been working closely with local authorities to create and implement tailor made packages to suit the needs of everyone involved. With a skilled and determined team of experienced social care experts, Perpetual Fostering pride themselves on placing children with only the most suitable adult role models. No matter what their carers need, this agency provides information and support all the way from the paperwork stage to when children are released into your care.


As an experienced and longstanding foster agency, the team at Perpetual pride themselves on looking after every potential foster parent who considers using their services. They understand all too well how much of a commitment is being made by those considering getting involved, and so support is always at hand. Whatever  people need to know, regardless of how trivial, the staff here will gladly put you straight. At the end of the day, every single child who receives a placement through this service needs to be looked after properly, and so the team will do everything within their power to disclose information and ensure both foster parent and foster child are well suited.


If you’re interested in becoming part of this agency and fostering children who really need a loving home, then you should visit the Perpetual Fostering website (link at the top of this page) and read through all the information available. There’s a great section filled with information for potential candidates, so you should definitely spend an hour or so reading through all of this before making your application. The process can be a lengthy one in the beginning, but once you satisfy all the necessary stipulations, and your home has been assessed by the team, you could find yourself with children in your care before you know it.


To get in touch, visit the website or contact the team using the information included below…


For All Media Info Contact:


Perpetual Fostering

31 Chorley New Rd




Or call…


0845 0740 076

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Online Coupon Usage Doubles In Twelve Months

Online Coupon Usage Doubles In Twelve Months | sumocoupon |
Emily Jones's insight:

Worldwide - A leading online coupon provider have today announced their services are expanding thanks to increased usage by consumers all over the world. SumoCoupon has been one of the most popular providers of discount deals to the general public for the last year, and as such, interest in their website has been growing steadily throughout that period. Now with around 4400 coupons listed from almost 2000 different retailers at any one time, they’re gaining notoriety amongst savvy savers and money-watching mothers who are trying to cut back on spending without reducing their weekly shop.


Recent surveys have suggested that 79% of consumers regularly used coupons to save money on their shopping during 2013, and that figure looks set to rise even further as we progress through the next few months. Also, around 4.4% of the 3.5 billion coupons distributed each year are for non-food related items like medication and homeware, which suggests all retailers are beginning to acknowledge the need for them to provide discount offers of this nature to their customers.


There is a significant difference in the level of coupon usage between the sexes, with women accounting for nearly 80% of all coupons used. In the US, 73% of women admit to printing deal vouchers from specialist websites, whilst just 42% of men do the same. Although this is a huge difference for a country of that size, experts are predicting men will soon catch up with their partners thanks to increased media coverage and television programs dedicated to highlighting the benefits of taking advantage of online deals.


Here are some of the discounts currently listed on SumoCoupon:


●     80% off sale items at Macy’s

●     Free shipping on orders over $50 at Walmart

●     10% off at Bloomingdales

●     Free shipping on US orders at GoPro

●     Free shipping on selected furniture at Target

●     10% off at Toms Shoes


Plus many many more….


With deals like this, it’s unsurprising the good people at SumoCoupon have been rushed off their feet lately. Even so, they’re managed to keep up with demand and source some of the best offers to be found anywhere on the internet, but don’t take our word for it, have a look yourselves and see how you could benefit from this truly professional coupon selection service.


Anyone wishing to get in touch with the SumoCoupon team can do so by visiting their website or using the contact information listed below this paragraph. All emails and letters are read and answered by their amazing customer service team who strive to provide only the highest levels of excellence.


For Media Info Contact:


SumoCoupon Customer Service


500 King Street West,

3rd Floor




M5V 1L9


Skype: sumocoupon (Ask for customer service rep Russell)


Phone: (646) 494-9242 (Ask for customer service rep Russell)

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