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Many people often search that ‘summarize for me’ which is obvious among young students who do not have very high English writing skills yet their curriculum demands them to do their best. “We take orders online and the kind of article to be summarized. Once the article is submitted we make a thorough research and underline the key words with a supporting material. We ask the users to mention specific details if any for their summary. After which we give away the summary within the dead line expiry” said the Summarizing.biz writer who has been summarizing and paraphrasing for years with the company.


There are tools available at the website for summarizing and paraphrasing which make sense only if someone needs it immediately. “Though there is a difference in which a writer writes and a software does it for you but this void has been understood by the users and they usually prefer professional writers for they keep coming back to us”, as quoted by the team manager. Summarizing is not difficult for them for they have been doing it for many years. “Some orders under summarize for me have to be worked upon from scratch but we do not complain that to the client.


Having an option to summarize online is a privilege to many who have a poor hand or do not have time amidst the corporate work. Summarizing.biz is doing a good job to help overcome that bridge.



Courtney Owens (Marketing Director)

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