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Scooped by Mille Couleurs London!

Latest Trends in Interior Design Services



Mille Couleurs London's insight:

Interior design services are offered to clients who want to get their home or office space done up in a particular manner so that their character is reflected through out the space. Not only the character, but also the owner’s likes and preferences are also reflected in the space in a manner that is not overwhelming.

Here are the latest trends in interior design services that are a part of some of the very well known firms such as MC Design London.

Using natural elements

In this era where the impact on the environment is a concern, there are eco friendly items using eco friendly materials that are continuously being made available.The other main concern is the reduction of the carbon footprint. Ininterior design, the use of natural elements such as bamboo, wood, pure cotton, linen, hemp, wicker, energy efficient lighting and plantsare a great way to add character to any home while having minimal effect on the ecosystem as they are natural. The use of natural elements in interior design services is encouraged because it is not just the aesthetics to be considered but also the proper usage and choice of items and materials to be used that would not be harmful to one’s health.

Weaving technology into lifestyle

Technologically there have been man advancements. However, the same may or may not be in usable form in our daily lives. But off late the trend in the interior design services is such that it offers technical advancement in the form of simple, usable and extremely user friendly devices which do not consume power to a great extent. These devices such as home automation touch panels and flush lighting systems are manufactured in a healthy way and do not pose a threat to the environment or disturb the ecological balance.

Décor painting

In order to use the natural light in its complete capacity, the firms tend to present décor painting as interior design services. A room filled with eco-conscious flooring and furniture will fit perfectly within walls painted with a beautiful low-VOC paint. Volatile organic compounds are gases emitted by certain chemicals in paint and other household products. These can have damaging effect to health.

Firms offering interior design services tend to make the space as lively or bright as possible using both natural and manmade ideas. Mille Couleurs London is one of the few organizations, which offer exquisite interior design services to its clients. The firm takes up assignments from home, corporateand even commercial interior designs as well.

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Scooped by Mille Couleurs London!

Studio-Made Home Accessories - Just for your Homes

These days, people have become very cautious on the type of furniture they invest in and feel that it is acceptable unlike the people in the past who felt furniture was just another piece that served the purpose as well as showed off their status in the society. Today, the definition has changed a bit and people are more mobile and do not think twice even before leaving the country.


People and their new approach to the home accessories have changed with the passing days and one of the main reasons has already been explained in the last paragraph. Mobility is now the deciding factor behind the style of furnishings and the Upholstery that people are now buying. 

Saving Space and Money:

Modern interior design services claim that the modern bedsteads complete with headboard is a lot less ornamental than the old days where each piece would take up a lot of space. Modern furniture too would have all these detailing but the heavy mahogany has given way to something lighter and much more cost effective so that they can be changed along with the house. 

Understanding this nature of contemporary society, makers of furniture have come up with stylish, well crafted, and lightweight furnishings. You can have armchair, four poster beds, dining table and chairs, throw, cushion and even the casual beanbag customized to suit your room décor at very economical prices especially if you are buying it from the reputed companies like London based Mille Couleurs. 

What specialty can we look forward to?

Furnishings and fittings are needed not only by homes, but also by businesses for their offices. Not many companies have the expertise of professionals to craft all the furnishings and get them designed ergonomically and aesthetically like Mille Couleurs, the company that has grabbed the attention of all in London. 

There are many professionals and interior designers who work with the company therefore the pieces are very tastefully made. The beautiful crafts are made with great care and so are the textured and patterned fabric that are used for walling. These are used by those who love a dash of colour and simplistic patterns and designs in their life. 

Though these pieces are all made in workshops and in the own studios of the interior designing company, you can rest assured that the cost and time for making these unique pieces is very reasonable and yet one of a kind.


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