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This piece was written by Brian Solis about what he refers to as Generation C - the "always connected" generation.  


There are a lot of relevant insights and suggestions in this article. I've pulled out some points that caught my attention:




What is the future of social media? Do you think it will pull ahead of classical media?


**Social media has given birth to a different type of customer, the connected customer or otherwise what I refer to as Generation-C where “C” represents “connected.” Gen-C is not bound by age. They’re not defined by income or education.


Here are some highlights:


** They live the digital lifestyle and traverse across all demographics. These consumers do not surf the web like other customers. They don’t learn nor make decisions like that of their traditional counterparts.


**They live and breathe in social networks and rely on smartphones or tablets as their windows to the world.


**when you compare the size of the market for traditional consumers vs. Generation C, only one of the two segments is growing while the other is shrinking over time.



**If you had to invest in the future of your business to earn attention and ultimately relevance, the greatest ROI is tied to the connected customer


Here are some takeaways:


The goal is to have a process and a supporting system for recognizing opportunities and piloting them as they arise.


**The trick is to understand the difference between emerging and disruptive technology


**only focus on those that will deliver and not distract.


How can social media activity increase the revenues and profitability of a company?


**To activate social commerce requires that you define an experience around the transaction where the outcome is of course the sale


**the journey is in its own way engaging and fulfilling.


**You must define a click path from a social network to a destination that facilitates a transaction but is also in alignment with the expectations of a social consumer


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