Storytelling in the Family
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The Family Stories That Bind Us — This Life

The Family Stories That Bind Us — This Life | Storytelling in the Family |
Studies indicate that children learn resilience when they hear what their relatives before them have faced.

Via Brandon Hoe
Brandon Hoe's curator insight, March 23, 2013 12:14 AM

This NY Times article presents some fascinating results from research into narrative and storytelling in families. The findings of a scientist at Emory University showed that children who had a good understanding of their family's narrative i.e. the history of the family, were better at dealing with uncertainty and stressful situations. 


Leaders in fields such as business management and leadership have discovered similar trends in their respective fields. The concept of a shared narrative helps to preserve the core principles in organizations, create cohesion and stimulate progress.


These findings provide a lesson for those seeking to create a cohesive company culture. By continually documenting and sharing your company's story with your employees, you'll provide a common understanding of the company's identity and direction. This activity provides a solid foundation on which to build the growth you seek for your company.