Alternative Uses for pencils; They ain't only for writing :p | Storytelling in the 21st Century |


With no particular order:


1- Two pencils = chopsticks.
2- Hairdo holder (Hold hair back in a twist).
3- Crevices cleaner (the eraser and the tip).
4- Door stop. (Door Jam).
5- Keeps two painted surfaces from touching while they dry.
6- Pencils float.
7- Write under water on white plastics.
8- Two pencils = pontoons for a small watercraft (use imagination when it is about creating a amphibian small aeroplanes.
9- Weapon of self defense.
10- Dig mud out of tennis shoe treads. (Scrape mud, dirt, dried grass from shoe bottoms).
11- Dig holes for planting seeds.
12- Pencils can be used as the frame for a small teepee.
13- Pencils can be used to hold toes apart while polish dries splint.
14- Measurement tool.
15- Torch. Check it out:
16- Garden stakes.
17- Tool to pick up things you don't want to touch.
18- Ice remover.
19- Cutting dibber.
20- Fire starter.
21-Tracheotomy maker (ONLY to be applied in emergencies by qualified and certified experts).
22- Measuring device.
23- Push stuff down the kitchen sink if it gets caught in the drain 24- Arrow.
25- Straight-edge.
26- Miniature sundial.
27- Anchor on which to start a small vine plant.
28- Kindling.
29- Punch a hole in plastic wrap around various things, such as ink cartridges, computer accessories.
(Opening plastic packets)
30- Making holes.
31- Plug up a hole.
32- Use as a dowel.
33- Use the graphite to lubricate door/drawer edges.
(To see where a wood door is sticking, scribble along the latch edge, then close and open the door. Plane areas smudged with lead.)
34- Stir drinks.
35- Drumming with to draw smiles on sad faces when civilization has been blown by extraterrestrial threat.
36- Scratching.
37- Finger exercise.
38- Pendulum.
39- Bookmarker.
40- To play pick up sticks with (will need a whole bunch!).
41- To push buttons with.
42- To prop something up with.
43- Pinpoint graphite lubrication.
44- Eraser end for removing corrosion from flashlight terminals.
45- Balancing exercise to keep vigilant.
46- Charcoal sketches.
47- Metal fabrication layout.
48- Lever to pry out fuses from fuse blocks, safely.
49- Great conductor's baton. (sharpen both ends, use it as a part of a circuit.).
50- Skewer.
51- To reach something in tight spaces.
51- Foot scratcher so you don't have to take off your shoe.
52- Pointer.
53- Time passer/anxiety reducer (i.e., finger spinning, airplane noises, bouncing on the eraser).
(stress busting).
54- Good to rub on the ends of a rechargeable battery before recharging. (the eraser that is).
55- Rub on a key before inserting the key into a frozen door lock. (The graphite is lubricating).
56- Unsharpened, makes great chopsticks. 57- Great for lubricating small joints.
58- Pressing tiny little reset buttons.
59- To clean sticky stuff cluttered wit nails.
60- Rub out grime. Most pencil erasers have pumice in them. Use the mild abrasive to shine a brass doorknob, remove scuff marks from a tile floor, or scour off sticker residue on a window.
61- Fix a hole in a dike.
62- Glove finger poker-outer.
63- Puppet in the days of now smile.
64- Adjusting the tiny DIP switches found on some computer equipment, especially older printers and motherboards.


65- Magic wand (:




Via Mhd.Shadi Khudr