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Society will collapse by 2040 due to catastrophic food shortages, says study

Society will collapse by 2040 due to catastrophic food shortages, says study | storytelling |
A scientific model supported by the Foreign Office has suggested that society will collapse in less than three decades due to catastrophic food shortages if policies do not change.
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How great marketers tell stories

How great marketers tell stories | storytelling |

"Former P&G marketing chief Jim Stengel says that the best companies tell two types of stories to build strong and enduring brands."


"The Brand Ideal, or Purpose, of Louisville Slugger is "to make players great." That statement could sound like puffery, except that the stories surrounding the brand make it plain and true. This is the case for most Ideal-driven businesses. Stories make the Ideal wheel spin.


Much has been written about the importance of storytelling in marketing and management, but nowhere do tales have a taller order than inside the walls of Ideal-driven companies. They bring definition to the Ideal. They authenticate it and animate it. They inspire and direct its activation.  They reaffirm the course and perpetuate the narrative."

Pat Heffernan's curator insight, April 20, 2014 3:30 PM

When positive social change is the purpose, good storytelling is just as effective (and essential).

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About The Just Story It Curation

About The Just Story It Curation | storytelling |

Here are the best articles from across the web that I can find on using stories and storytelling in business.

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Via Dr. Karen Dietz
Dr. Karen Dietz's curator insight, October 9, 2014 4:41 PM

Editorial Statement For This Collection:

Thank you for visiting this curation of articles on leadership storytelling. I've chosen them because they actually make a contribution to our knowledge and wisdom about stories, show us how to work with stories in leadership, org culture, key business functions, and the like. 


I weed out all the junk. And besides, who needs another post in why storytelling is important?? Where's the beef?? We want the meat!


I'm the author of the bestselling book Business Storytelling For Dummies (with Lori Silverman) and an original in the field of business storytelling. Based on my 20+ years of biz story experience, (plus a PhD in Folklore) I've written reviews of each article to share what I like best, what you can get from reading the article, or what may be missing in the article.


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Dr. Karen Dietz

Miklos Szilagyi's curator insight, October 10, 2014 11:56 AM

Curation within curation... clever...:-)))