Four Examples of Successful Long-Form Branded Content (Stories) | StoryBranding: How brands can embrace the power of story |
In a world where audiences consuming media have a fleeting attention span, one would think that long-form branded content wouldn't stand a chance. Wrong.


LOL -- in the nano-second world of today's advertising, this article talks about long-form branded content that is 2-5 minutes long. Too funny!


But the video examples shared are great stories and one is a complete sports back-story that lasts 28 minutes.


And I love the main point of the post:  that when you give a compelling story for someone to view, listen to, or read you can capture and keep their attention.


Of course, that means you need excellent storytelling skills that lead to excellent stories. 


I bet these videos give you great ideas about the biz stories you can tell, and how to craft + share them. Enjoy watching them!

Via Dr. Karen Dietz