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This piece was written by Carolyn Elefant for Smallfirminnovation and she has some very interesting suggestions for professionals and how they can take advantage of this exciting new site.


Pinterest is definitely not going away anytime soon, I've been on here for a week and it's a whole new way connecting with people through points of interest by sharing topics that tell a story about your business. It's a wonderful way of interacting with them without being intrusive while observing who your customers and seeing how  you can might be of service to them.


Here are a few great tips that caught my attention:


Depending upon your practice focus, Pinterest can provide a similar source of content.


**For example, if you represent small business owners, you might create a board for low-cost office products.


**If you work with families with children with special needs, you could aggregate educational toys and products that might help overwhelmed parents alleviate stress.


**As you take a look around Pinterest, you’re sure to come up with ideas that work for you.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Pinterest Watch"


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