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The hero of the stories in B2B is not the supplier or vendor, it is the customer.


Customers prefer to read success stories which help explain the who, what, where, why and when.

With the focus of the story around the journey a similiar customer took to satisfy their needs.

Here are 4 ways companies can help generate better B2B marketing content focused on helping the customer achieve their needs.


#1 Teach with Story and Sell with Subtleness


#2  Teach with Video and add a Personal Touch


#3 Teach with Urgency and a Call to Action


#4 Teach Through Comparison


The 6th "W" in Journalism is called "how". Many success stories begin with the how, yet new potential customers do not even know if they may have a similiar need to over come. Start with the 5 "W's" and end with "how" the problems and issues were overcome.

Via streetsmartprof, Ken Jondahl