Learn more about Stop Smoking Aids Smoking being a habitual practice, many people have tried to look for solutions that will help get rid of the habit. Different organizations have developed various stop smoking aids that promise to help one to stop the habit of smoking. There are various options that anyone can use to stop smoking. All these options require a lot of determination and persistence. The patient has to be committed to the exercise. There are numerous types of stop smoking aids which include the following: Stop smoking aids • Nicotine patches- it looks like a square clear bandage. The size depends on the dosage and type used. The nicotine patch offers a stable, measured dose of nicotine. It reduces the effects of nicotine withdrawal. The nicotine patch’s strength is decreased over a certain amount of time, allowing the user to reduce their need for nicotine gradually. • Nicotine gums- they are handy to use. They are efficient as they can lower withdrawal symptoms and reduce nicotine cravings. They are available over the counter. It is treated as a medicine and also has instructions for dosage. If used properly, it is one of the best stop smoking aids. • Nicotine replacement therapies-nicotine replacement therapies provide the potent drug in ways that are far much healthier and safer than smoking cigarettes. If possible, ex-smokers can slowly lessen the amount of nicotine or stop nicotine replacement therapy as soon as they have stopped the habit of smoking. Even when used for a long time, nicotine replacement therapies have proven to be far much safer than smoking. • Hypnosis and Acupuncture- Not all kinds of people want to adopt medicines to help them quit smoking. There are a lot of alternatives for one to try.Practices such as hypnosis and acupuncture can help some smokers quit and have little, if any, side effects. There has been evidence, though not much, that these techniques are effective. E-cigarette- the E-cigarette is another possible option for smokers that want to quit. It is also known as the electronic cigarette. These stop smoking aids are battery run cylinders that are similar to a cigarette that supplies a spray of nicotine. The sensation one experiences while smoking this E-cigarette is kind of different from smoking a regular cigarette.This is because the E-cigarette does not have all the harmful gases one’s body craves for. There is usually a certain smell and taste that comes with smoking cigarettes. There is also that feeling in the lungs as smoke is inhaled and exhaled. The E-cigarette attempts to copy this aroma together with the taste of regular and menthol flavored cigarettes. The feeling is not the same but one is able adjust to it. In addition it is able to curb cravings. At the end of the day, choosing the right stop smoking naturally is important. For those who have tried nicotine patches and gums before without success, nicotine replacement therapies are advised. While gums and lozenges are offered over the counter, nasal sprays and inhalers call for a prescription. Some smokers prefer inhalers because the practice of inhaling is almost similar to smoking a cigarette. For this and more information on stop smoking aids, please click http://www.nicodyne.com/