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Stiforp movie

We are happy to announce on improving the marketing plan and big bonuses in Stiforp business.
2 more qualification steps appeared :
- 5 star elite, which is made with 4 of 5 stars direct collaborators and a minimum of 15,000 active distributors in the network;
- Diamond Star Elite - which is made with two direct collaborators of 5 star elite and a total of 100,000 active distributors in the network.
Substantial bonuses are granted that can really to change your life.
Here are the bonuses that are paid only once if you keep the new qualification for 3 consecutive months:
- 4 star $ 100
- 5 star $ 500
- 5 star elite $ 50,000
- The diamond star elite $ 500,000
As you can see STIFORP company goes all promotions before and after this year's Rising Star Rising Star and Summer did these dramatic changes, that should motivate you to work with all dedication in this prestigious company.
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Now I can and I wish you here:
Go Diamond Star elite!!
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